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Poster designed by Roy Bisson.  Tanya in lower right corner

Tanya at Fairy Bower (1965)

Tanya in 2UW commercial (1965)

Val Taylor diving expedition with Tanya aboard.

Breakfast at Seal Rocks.  Camping on the beachfront permitted then.
Young Tanya photographed by Ron Graham ('Babalouie')

Tanya in Surf Scene 1965

WW1 gaol at Trial Bay NSW(1964)

Grey Nurse shark jaws (1964) now a protected species.

Tanya (on surface), and Val Taylor descending in the crystal fresh water of Picaninnie Ponds
(South Australia, near the Victorian border) 1964.
Tanya 1965
"Surf Scene" Noosa 1965 (in background - surf stars of the era tiny Kevin Brennan, Robert Conneeley and Russell Hughes) Filming simultaneously with Paul Witzig " A Life in the Sun".

Valerie Taylor in yellow, Tanya in pink, Paul Witzig in hat and with his 16mm gear

Tanya made an appearance in "Revenge of a Shark Victim" (1965) - Aldinga, South Australia.

Scene from the film - shown below

Working with Ron and Val Taylor.  (Tanya on poster - lower right)

Tanya - with wetsuit - and without.

Tanya, Rodney Fox and John Harding (1965 cinema commercial).

Tanya at Fairy Bower in 2UW commercial (slo mo)
 Tanya at Fairy Bower beach , Sydney  1968 - 16mm film frames.

Tanya at Manly Beach  -  Italian hit documentary 1961

Courtesy of Long Boarding magazine (The Soul Voice)

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